Immortal tales, the epic saga of Kaelen

Dun of the Lizardfolk

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We set sail along the coast, disembark about 2/3 of the way there and then march to the lizard man base.
From a high point along the way, we can see the Dunwater's marsh. A Dun is a dry mound rising above the marsh. There are a bunch in the marshland. We camp so as to not hit them at night.
Just before sundown, scouts have reported that there is some sort of a defended campsite, well hidden and camoflaged, near our camp. They don't know who made it nor who is there. We hear croaking of toads all around, and starts getting louder and louder. No one knows what this may be.
A Viking on watch blows his horn as an alarm. We rush out to a large group of bullywugs just hitting the outskirts of the camp. The first wave leaps over the first defenders as the 2nd line hits our men at the front.
A frightful croaking begins, shaking some men including Beorn.
Loriel immediately successfully countersongs as the fight wages.

5 vikings are dead by the end. The enemy secreted a poison with their tongues which got into their wounds leading to their death once they were dropped.
In their belongings we find the lead large bullywug leader wielded an adamantine broadsord. His hvy wood shield is lvl 3 mst.
3 ioun stones: irridescant spindle; pale green prism; deep red sphere
Wolk is a master of ioun's. One sustains you w/o air; another a plus 2 bonus to dex; another a plus 1 effective level to checks and rolls..

Chest nearby:
550 gp
5 rubles worth 250 total
leather helm with the word Styx engraved lightly on its inside: Wolk says its a helm of underwater action, Styx is command word (so limited number of uses left) so freedom of movement, breathing both.

Oceanus says this was a wandering group, he knows of none who liver here long term.

Next Day

We move to the duns.

The lizardfolk lair is beneath a dun promintory connecting to the sea.
We find 3 entrances. One from the water side, one along the shore an another to the rear of the sea side.
Kaelen chooses the backdoor.
Its a large cave entrance. Many overlying tracks of large creatures. Its muddy as we go in, but it leads to a stone pathway going left and right at the rear.
3 giant lizards here, but do not react to us as we come into sight.

We pull back and check the shore entrance, essentially around the near bend of the dun. It is a stought unlocked wooden door concealed by foliage. Kaelen listens, hearing nothing.
She slowly opens it, no light. Ogrumat steps in first with a torch into a hall; there is a right turn before a T secion, 
She, Kaelen and Muerto go to the right to a room with 5 lizard men. Pull back out, up to the T section and take the right to look for a way to come at them from another direction. We first come to a barracks room with table and beds. 7 lizardman warriors are here. They look to be gearing up.
Kaelen sends Muerto back, bringing Loriel and the pseudo dragon back to overhear. THey are about to patrol the entrances, but especially the water cave entrance that we skipped, looking for interlopers so as not to have a repeart of what happened here last week. And make sure there are no enemy scouts at the water cave.
They are marshaled now. They are definitely wielding the weapons from the smugglers.
The first room is wiped out by Geoffrey's group, with Snitch/Narc and skyldings, fast.

Kaelen and her broup ambush the lizarfolk as they come out, capturing 2 and kill all but 1 who Martin attacked. It lets out a brief cackling call and makes one attack but misses him then Ogrumat brings him down. We get the bodies fully into the room again and all gather through the 2 adjacent rooms.
Kaelen stays out and watches the hall. She hears feet approaching, they comef rom further up the hall, pass by and check down the halls, an dhear them talking. Loriel's pal translates:
They speak of the warning call, thinking the interlopers have returned. One talking most seems to be a shaman, tells them to split up and search the halls "They must be in here somewhere."
The move away. He details 3 to get to the chiefs room to see that he is safe.
The head further to the left of the entrance T section.
We wait for the movement to die down after about 10 minutes. The 3 report to the shaman teh chief is fine, they have found no one deeper in the caves. He figures the patrol saw someone outside and was being cautious. They leave.

We ask the prisoners who the interlopers are via the pseudodragon. 2 groups. First, who he thinks we are in league with, was a party of humans and orc types raided the dun about a week ago, costing many lives. The 2nd are the seadevils. Evils from the south who stole their old lair and forces us here. Part fish with teeth, but humanoid. Horrifying and friends with sharks. Oceanus says this does not sound like Locoanth, perhaps Sahuagin, but they normally aren't up this far north. He has never actually seen one.
He says his chief is planning to counterattack, doubts it can happen succeed. The chief had a sweet deal until the supply was cut off.
Oceanus says that the sahuagin are not ecologically friendly. Kaelen immediately finishes his though, the fish shortage is the work of the sahuagin.
The lizardman says the old lair is about a day travel from here, on foot. Half day from Saltmarsh to here.
He insists there are hundreds of sahuagin there on the coastline. They are friends with sharks, too. It's bad.
He says they have 6 warbands and allies outside. They have teamed up with the Locoainth. Oceanus isn't happy, they and the sea elves do not get along.
We have him take us to see his chief after we dump the lizardman bodies out in the sea. The other alternative is we kill these to, then get our boat and show up offering help as if we had never been here before. He volunteers to keep his mouth shut.

We have a meeting with the chief, subchief, his misister, and shamans.
While we are talking, the shamans look at us disapprovingly. Kaelen ignores them utterly. A group of Coalinth arrive, followed by 4 locathah, then behind them 5 mermen.
All have suffered under the sahuagin, they have all already been in talks about how to properle deal with the situation.
In total, they are sure they are doomed, still. The elves were left out because the Coalinth they felt were the stronger force to have of the 2.
Oceanus is on Kaelen's side that for the safety of all, the sea elves may have to work with their normally foes.
Kaelen tells Knut his duty is done, really.
"What do you think?"
Knut says that as dangerous as the Norcross issue is, they are a sea faring people. This sahuagin issue seems like their potential demise as well. Norcross is always marshalling forces. He offers to set up a war council in Saltmarsh, with the town leader and get this all put together. He offers a week from today, and all emissaries agree tol meet in Saltmarsh then.
The lizardmen for their part, never even considered human allies. They are all in.
Kaelen learns that the lizardman minister is quite skilled in politics. He even has 2 books on the subject by western authors (politics of power and triumph of diplomacy; reading the first gives you plus 2 bluff and intimidate; the 2nd a plus 2 to diplomacy; both in political settings only). She is to borrow them once this is all over. He has a book on the sahuagin also! It is at our disposal!! Book on learning draconic. Another book by Tenser on gemstones. He is actually interested in buying ours.

We go back to Saltmarsh and report to the council and Lord Salte. The lot of them are quite nervous of the situation. The lord and the council are fast convinced the town should know what is going on at this point. Kaelen is fine with that. They are willing to muster any help they can.
We go back to Restenford as well.
Knut sails home directly.


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