Immortal tales, the epic saga of Kaelen

Under Bone Hill

After lunch:
Into the lower levels we delve.

We indeed feel the negative auras down here and a slight unnatural chill.
Kaelen takes Clyde, Christofer, Geoffrey, Krellar plus aclolyte, Ogrumat, Yalta. If need, we will switch people out.
We enter via the tower. Korg, the first gnoll guard we met, comes with us as a guide. At teh entrance area, stairs go down to the dungeon. A secret door lies slightly ajar so we check it first, into a hall that turns south then west to a dead end. Kord says there is a secret wall here but does not know ow to open it. Kaeled does so into a storage chamber with a bunch of furniture. Net total, after repairs, 300gp if we take the time.
3 doors, north, south, and a hall. Dimly we see a turn at the edge of the castle above following its outline. Krellar opens the north door, another door in here west. This is a small den with some books, very damp. Stronger negativity in here.Will get stronger the deeper we go. Desk is rotted out badly, as are the books of no value. Brazier is only iron. Kaelen easily opens the lock on the door that is still in good shape. The knob bolt is rusted out, we only have to push it open into a 40×40 bedroom. Wardrobe, vanity, chest. Thick, think damp to the point of a light mist in the room.
Krellar and Geoffrey enter first, Ogrumat next who is effected by the negativity to the point of being shaken and is very impatient all of a sudden.
Torches are not giving up enough light. Kaelen next, unaffected and is not surprised by 2 glowing red dots exit from under the bed. A shadow moves towards her!
She leaps back as it nears pointing it out to Yalta behind her. Krellar turns "Oh my god, that's not a shadow, that's a wraith!" He and Yalta adjust their holy powers accordingly. The wraith halts, shaking like in pain, twitching and jerking, unable to move. They have rebuked it! Totally under their control.
It was once a man but does not recall its name even; was one of a group that killed the priest of the temple next door, but killed long ago and his personality was so strong this essence of all the evil of the attack; all prior to the siege; all in here is rotted mundane. The priest they killed was a good and pious man; a guardian is in the temple, a living statue of stone; wraith will not enter it; there they came for the magical chalice the priest had which should still be there; we should be wary of 4 of his former companions and a weird lot, dead but not dead, the same but having changed; they are his rivals but they can't hurt each other, they do not know they are the same as me; they 4 roam as a pack; not wraiths, have bodies; never physically died in what we understand death yet no heart beat nor pulse.
There is a secret door out of this room into the temple.

Now back to the first room, taking the south door into a large room 40×50. A large cell of some kind. Old skeletons chained to the walls and ceilings, one chained to floor by neck with only about 4 rings, keeping him on the ground at all times.
1 door leads out which we follow into a hall, same as the hall from the first room. 2 other cell rooms as well with only skeletal remains. Now, into the corner room. Kaelen picks the lock, Krellar opens the door to a horrible stench almost knocking him over. He says it means ghouls. Must be wraith's 4 pals. We can see a small pile of loot and suit of armor in middle of room. The mist is almost like a blood color.
Also, steps going back up to the castle.
Kaelen says to back of to both sides, just as we see the 3 ghouls rushing through the red mist toward us.
Kaelen "Watch our rear, the other door is behind us." It opens carefully. The ambush she expected.
They hit our 2 front pairs: Ogrumat/Geoffrey, Yalta/Krellar.
The stalking one is a pale white, breathing in deep heaves, eyes balck pupil with blood red veins around his head. It charges, sickening Clyde and Korg but not Kaelen.
The 3 ghouls go down almost at the same time. The ghast keep coming, hitting Clyde hard.
Clyde, Krellar, Ogrumat, and Geoffry all have ghould fever.
We kill the nasty thing and search them. They all still wear the remains of their old gear. However, the ghast has a pouch with 3 darts, very sharp and still pristine shiny.
Darts +1! One use each.
All 4 wear pendants, blood drop!
This cult has been around a looooong time.
Nothing left but the tempe.
MIst is already starting to thin a little.
dwarf sized plate
hvy shield
mst hvy shield
Potion of cure disease.

To the temple via the actual door, not the wraiths secret door.
We bring the elves into look faster for secret doors, finding one to the bedroom. A collection box set into the altar. We leave it go.
Only the altar remains, upon which sits an angelic statue. Krellar and Yalta lead the way in case the room likes holyness. Only them, Geoffrey and Kaelen enter.
Altar to the Masters for certain. Statue looks like some celestial form of the master. No guardian in sight.
There is magic on the statue.
We search more throughouly, finding nothing else.
Krellar takes the statue to bring to the church. Underneath in a small hole is the chalice.

Chalice: purifies dirty water, makes clean water holy water (requires 1 hour time, lasts 4 hours until it evaporates); under certain rituals, may have other abilities. They will study at the church on this.
Question wraith about the symbols: all were members of crimson path. They were picking off Master priests to weaken their grip over the magic of the earth. Their high priest in charge was powerful up here, a governor for the Empire then named Rudnios. The Path worship blood, relish in death; despise actual undeath though as a complete blasphemy.

Back upstairs with the loot and tell bugs what has gone on, eat dinner.

We take the tower steps into the dungeon for at least a few hours tonight.
First door opens into a cave system.
Undead immediately, skeletons (1 looking different in armor) and zombies. We bring the elves, Martin and Ean down for missile support.
The big skeleton pulls a ball of flame out of its ribs and unleashes a fireball on the priests and Korg who engage it. The rest of us take zombies, Christofer and Ogrumat the big one.
A shadow drops from the ceiling and lands right behind the charred priests/Korg, attacking Krellar. Its the wraith from upstairs!
The skeleton warrior is then quickly brought down.
Yalta has an enchanted made though and attacks while the other 2 use holy water; it goes after Krellar all it can. It's an epic battle! Before they take the wraith out. Krellar comes out miraculously unscaithed, but Tello is taken down on the last assault. When it is destroyed, its Path amulet drops to the ground.
The zombies are taken down in a few rounds by the rest of us, gone by the end of the wraith.
They bring Tello to, though, but he's done on this adventure. The elves take him up, then return.

The permeating negativity is gone!!

We continue through the caves.

74pp of ancient origin
235gp ancient origin
402ep ancient origin
1340sp ancient origin
17440 copper coins, blank
neclace strung with black pearls 4000: beauty very rare, prestige value more than its gold worth
dwarf urgrosh, mst 2 spec abil
shield, wood back with metal casing, hvy; metal pounded out to look like that of a lion, mst (lt fort)
Ring, white gold band, rather than a gem set in, its made to look like a dervish (creates a gust of wind in a cone out 20' otherwise as the spell)
Lots of ink, pens, paper in a study
Silver pitcher, platter and mug: an unseen servant is tied to those items, pitcher 3/day will fill with water, tea or wine on command; platter 1/day complete meal for 4 on command, mug mead, beer or ale on command 6/day. Must then be rinsed and wiped clean to work again.
Books of little real use, but could be sold for 100gp to scholars
Skeleton chained to wall of study is animated, but not undead, and does a dance when approached: the remains of the good hero who came to battle the necromancer

We find a corridor to the other half of the dungeon, with the stairs  that should lead  up to the basement temple.

In one hazy looking room with floating things, Loriel notices just in time it is a gelatinous cube! But, also that there is a crystal ball inside it. Kaelen and Loriel have read of such a thing, their Master had one in his basement! No blung nore pierce. SLashing damages but splits it. Fire is what you want.
Water is the worst thing in the world.
Get w/in 10' and it can lash out at you.
This one seems to be the stationary type. We send Korg up to get some bugbears and oil kegs.

Another room with orbular tentacked masses, eyes at end of tentacles. Loriel knows them as spectators, much lesser forms of beholders.
"Stop human, resistance is futile."
Perk and Pelo fire upon one of the larger, as Krellar, Ean and Geoffrey go after the other big one, Christofer takes the small one.
They order us to stop and leave, and a now enchanted Ean turns and walks away compulsively while telling us to leave them alone. As Christofer pops the small one like a puss balloon, a swarm of bugs comes out annoyingly all around him.
The one shot at takes both elves down with energy shots from the eyes, but it is in bad shape.
The other 2 do some good damage before we take them down. More annoying bugs,.

Libram of Gainful Conjuration
longsword with runes up one side, Beorn read the name 'Gerling'; mst 1 ability; also has an intelligence w/in it; can't speak but tuned into the wielder but only certain criteria. It hums when happy, empathic with wielder with other feelings transmitted; 12 question 1/week commune positive or neg answers only by empathic feel to wielder; in combat, 1/day heal to reserve as if rested 4 hours; does not count as magic for attacking though; it wants to be used by LG or LN

The bugbears burn out the cube under Beorn's advising.
Cube Loot:

450 and 650 gems
crystal ball
mst shield (max w/ono abilities)

Next room has larger version statue of small one in temple. It speaks telepathically that we are here for good not evil we get:
the brass helmet on hits brow, has red ruby adorning it = 3000gp; if worn by cleric type nonevil, 3 times can True Seeing for 3 rounds; any wearer gains vision of people's auras (aka old detect alignment, more subjective in IH).
Plus, not now but when needed, we can use a Contact Higher Plane as spell, answer in form of short sentence up to 12 words, 3 questions. Whenever we may need, as a group.
She says she was the celestial that the Master of this area had aligned himself with. 
Krellar will inform the church that this place should be reconsecrated. 

Next room, digging through rubble first, find a mirror. The glass looks more like glass of a window than mirror glass though. Looking in, see yourself. The rim is gold but black in color.
Its attached to the wall sovereign glue. Never coming off.
Nothing else in here.

Later, find a staff in another room. Finely careved blue dragon head atop of it, paint worn away though. Kaelen knows it from her readings of the dragon wars.
11 charges: dancing lights (1), light (1), spark (1) (30' line 2d10 to metal armor wearers), lightning bolt  80' range to start and 80' long 4d12 (save for half, metal always get at least 3/die even if save, 5' line only, 2 charges)

All done, back upstairs for the night, get up late tne next day and head back to town.


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