Immortal tales, the epic saga of Kaelen

Yalta; Meeting the Baron

Next Day:

To Yalta's house. Recall, he is the spiritual advisor to Baron's wife. Very modest house but owns good stuff. He is happy to meet Kaelen and offers lunch.
Hanging on his wall is a fine suit of chain, ornate shining shield, staff topped with a clenched fist, mace, large holy symbol on the mail.
We talk religion and history and magic. Kaelen senses nothing suspicious, he's very pleasant; get feeling that he eats law, shits order, and goodness pumps through his veins.
He talks about the things he's done and how he came to meet the Baron's wife; chooses not to live in castle to avoid their life of opulence.
"The tower ruins on Bone Hill is a conundrum to me." He's been keeping an eye on it, just far enough away that the city guard and Baron's men don't want to deal with it but close enough that it makes him uncomfortable.
A while ago a wanderer went there and never returned. There are 3 levels to the tower, has gotten an ominous feeling from it recently. The dead forest surrounding the hill has something going on as well, he can tell. There is evil there.
We come clean to him on who we are and what we have been through. Tell him in detail of Wolk's disappearance.
"I would never have guessed you were the person I've heard about". From people he knows on the outside spoke of one who caused some trouble and has become a small thorn in Norcross' side. This puts Kaelen up many pegs in his book.
"Fortunately, he does not think Wolk was inquisited. The inquisition, when they get sneaky like this, use similar travel, but moreso than anyone else I can tell you there are NO Path in town. But, there is something evil still. Similar. The blood portal is not exclusive the the CP." As much as they like to pretend they are original, many things they use are borrowed from bad magic used piecemeal by others. The wizard that once lived in the tower on Bone Hill was a Necro. "This sounds more like his style."
Why would he be scrying the entire area? Yalta does not know.
He feels that its just because Wolk was a creation of th Masters and a spellcaster.
Concerning the other magic vanishings: from what he gathers, someone is trying to frame the Path, just using it as a potential cover.
He says he is willing to help us in the forest and the hill!! This is a mission particular to his ideals.
Also, the elf with the crush on Loriel.
He says Krellar would likely be willing to help too, but we'd have to talk to the Abbott himself.
He agrees to attend the dinner tonight with the Baron and speak to him on our behalf.
He thinks there is nothing suspicious about Qualton's illness and such, but he feels very bad for him. He did see some truly horrible things on his crusade.
We ask what messed Qualton up so badly.
He says most of the people who entered the city of the Veiled Masters perished, any that came out spoke of unmentionable horrors they'll never get out of their minds nor want to talk about.
He does not find any link tween that and the CP.
Concerning the arcanist with the warehouse: they have little contact. He loves law and order like the Baron, but Pelitar is a bit morally gray about it. His acolytes are very similar to Pelitar. If we are persuasive enough, and can find an angle or pay enough to make it worth his while, he may help with an acolyte if not himself.
He says if we tell the Baron who we really are, everyone who will be at the dinner will soon know. Only who he absolutely trusts will be there.
His opinion is that Kaelen should do what her gut says for now as far as telling the Baron the whole truth.

We go to see Kelnar, who says Almon must ok us seeing Qualton.
Kelnar speaks to Almon, and he ok's talking to Qualton considering the reason.
He takes us to Q room, a very plain one but for the religious accoutraments and nice painting of Celestia and Imbrun. Kaelen makes it clear how impressed she is with that. He seems like a genuinely good man. He looks like he's slept for 10 hours in the last decade. The mention of Yalta going as well lightens his heart. He says on the festival of Fhalcon, he want us to volunteer in return for Kelnar's help for the entire day, just helping out.
We leave tomorrow morning.

Dinner at Barons.
We meet all the fine folk who live there.
Dinner: Baron, wife, daughter, Pelitar, Yalta, our Guard friend, Kaelen, Christofer, Loriel.
The Baron asks politely for teh elvish performance he was promised.
We give him the general story of escaping the south, but not the whole truth nor who we really are.
Loriel puts on what must be one of the best performances she's capable. The court is flabergasted.
For such a peformance, Baron says she deserves something. If there are any small favors he can do, don't be afraid to ask.
Fairwyn is taken aback, as it reminds her of days among the elves.
Pelitar is relatively unmoved, but politely compliments.
Andrella, the daughter, is moved at heart by it. 18 years old and is astounded.
We tell the Baron our local plans.
Kaelen compliments his painting again, Celestia is one of her absolute favorite figures in history.

He despises this new CP sect, causes him much grief and hates Norcross though he technicaly owes him fealty. Approves of nothing Norcross does though. HIs main goal is keeping all of that outside of his territories.
He says Jesrik is quiet, last he heard. Not much action there. Not much contact lately though, isolating themselves as much as they can but for supply ships. Mainly smuggling now.
We ask him for his help funding to eliminate the local threats.
They have 13 horses here that are extra mounts we can use at our discretion but we owe for any killed, including barding if we feel it is necessary.
He does have gold piece bounties we can prove was completed.
Agrees to fund our inn stays, a stipend for 2 full weeks.
As far as Salt Marsh goes, though part of the barony, it falls under the jurisdiction of the town council of Salt Marsh. So we'll have to speak to them about that issue.
"Restenford is a haven for all people. He has made it very clear that anyone of any sort are welcome so long as they start no trouble". So Clyde is welcome, as would be Wolk!
We tell him our first order of business of Bone HIll, which he says Yalta has told him about.
A chest of 300 gp is the reward for taking care of the issue. All loot we find is also ours. It would make him happy to have the missing wizard's body for proper burial.

Loriel stops and sees the bowyer with the crush on her, he wants to join us as well.


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