For as long as she can remember the world has been at war. in her childhood, Kaelen was being groomed to be a courtier to her Master. She was trained in politics and intrigue. she was taught to play the game. Trained by her father Kael, and his friends in the court, Thomas Darkhelm and Lanceor De'Houde. She was always aware she would never be just a court personality, a lady in wait, or some smiling 'yes' person, she knew she was destined fro greater things.

On a dark morning the news came, the Masters were gone….no one knew where they went! the were there one moment and gone the next. By no means was the war over. Old hatreds, debts, scores to be settled, and the greed of powerful men still lingered. The church of the covenant of the return, the faith that believed that the masters would leave but eventually return, had spread across the world. The Plague priests, inquisitors for the dominant sect of the covenant, walked the land purging the lands of the impure; the First, the Augments, the non-humans and the sub races. It was now what men called year one and the lord of Langbay was waiting for news of the war when the war showed up at his city gates. Now was the beginning of Kaelens life, and these are the tales of her life as a First in the new era, an immortal in a time of mortals…

Immortal tales, the epic saga of Kaelen

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