Immortal tales, the epic saga of Kaelen

Assault into Arnis's Castle

As night comes on, squads of scouts move out as cover, us included, in varying directions. We travel with a contingent of townsfolk tween the close wood patches next to 46. Then the militia cuts straight north east of the 2 wood patches rear of hill to make it look like maybe half of us went that way, the other half south. That half, our half, cut through the woods at the SE corner of hill and for the tunnel. Many of us wear normal clothing on top to look as militia.
The militia group make contact with orcs!!

We make for the tunnel. A squad of orcs guard the entrance. Not the heavily armed Kaelen saw inside, these are the raiding orcs. We are approaching them from the side, unseen.
Chris, Kaelen, Ogrumat, Priska, Loriel and Alfwine hit them in the rear, as Perk and Pelo fire into the side over Geoffrey, Roger and Ringwald charging from there.
At the end of the initial hit, only 1 remains. Ogrumat disembowels him.
Not a sound was made by the enemy to alert anyone.

In we go. Leading up to the steps, we see a Balmorrow’s dead horse and signs prisoners were briefly kept here.

Ogrumat and Ringwald lead the way ahead, using darkvision to scout. They are surprised by 2 zombies from a hidden alcove and a sliding panel. Ogrumat cuts one down immediately then together they destroy the other.
They continue on to the secret door.
Ogrumat signals with a lantern and we all file down. This room leads into a laboratory. In we go, Priska opening it in case he needs to get to the other door fast to block it. Kaelen finds and disables and alch fire trap, taking the vial even, then gets it open. Empty.
Making sure the door in hall we pass is closed, we go to the Tellish’s sub teachers room 34 first.
The Band stay back with Martin to investigate what they are making in the lab. Nothing illegal.
The adv10 stay to guard the hall door in the meantime. Fong watches from tween them and us.
Kaelen hears them talking over mundane stuff. As we are about to enter, we hear fumbling at the lock of the adv10 door. Fong calls them back to him and around the corner. One into the lab and closes the door to warn them.
It opens, someone is trying to walk quiet but drags a foot somewhat, toward the lab. Lothar has a dragging foot.
Fong watches from the corner. It is Lothar, he looks dishevelled, tattered rags. He listens at the door to the lab, hears nothing, and enters. The door now unlocked, he takes a look around and slowly turns it. Slowly pushes it in.
Wilfong and Kaelen start moving toward him. He shut the hall door behind him, slowly and quietly, to note.
The door is yanked open from w/in and Roger grabs him, he barely stops himself from screaming. Kaelen says we know this guy.
He’s trying to escape. Harmon is the assassin he declares! He set the raid on the temple up. They darted Geoffrey, sapped Harper out, then he was jumped by multiple men as Harmon watched and crudely joked about it all. They came through a magical gateway, but left with us via a blood gate; arriving in the caves. They brought us through how we just came in. They put him in a cell in this dungeon, Wilbur and Holga are also there. The rest are elsewhere. Fortunately, that ogre is stupid as it gets. He managed to talk him in circles, had him leaving the key on a neaby stand. When he left for the cesspool, forgetting it, he got them and left.
The guards are having quite the party in the barracks room.
Leaving him in the lab with the Band and Martin, we rush to get the Ogre while its taking a dump in the cesspool.
Indeed, the barracks is all a ruckus. However, there are orc voices as well.
We close the door to 37 behind us and lock it with the keys we now have.
Then past Lothar’s cell 38 and into 39, door is open. We hear the sound of the ogre’s urine echoing ahead. Only Wilbur is in the room. Kaelen “Oh, no” unlocks him.
“Where’s Holga?”
As we thought, with the guards! Eeh gads! He wants to get there fast.
Wilbur wants to fight.
Change of plans. We lock all 3 door out of here, saving the Ogre for later and raid the party.
We send Priska back to get the Band fast as a second wave. We go in immediately.
One table in the middle. All the bed frames are piled into the back room, luckily blockading the escape to the upward ladder hatch.
Matresses all over the floor together. There are an elf and a half orc at the table acting very buddy buddy. Damn elf gone bad.
Dice games and card games all around.
4 nude women, clothes unwillingly ripped apart and strewn about.
One in the far right corner is being forced to dance.
One in the far left corner, witih 3 orcs and a 2 men, taking turns deficating upon her! Kaelen in her head “They’re going to pay for that.”
Holga is standing atop the table, being gambled for who gets her first.
In the near left is being smacked and groped about by several men.
Fordrid blesses us and prot from evil on Hester prior to the attack.
It includes a few augments, even a winged.

Chris rushes in first, leaping over the half orc and onto the table with Holga. Fong moves right next to him on the floor level. Ringwald crushes an orc head immediately. Chris, Fong and Alfwind strike down the half orc Gorsk at the table before they even move. Ogrumat slays an orc too!
Kaelen tumbles for the deficators.
Hester enters killing an orc by Geoffrey.
Chris grabs Holga, firmly but gentlemanly, swings her and holds her at the safer end of the table “Fong cover my back” and attacks the elf dog.

(first pic here)

The orcs gather weapons and counterattack. A big hulking black orc grabs the far end of the table to flip it over! He leaps off still holding Holga securely, it crashes sideways tween Fong and the lead human at the table, Thul. Chris ends up right in front of the bladk orc. One of the deficators goes for the girl there, so Loriel hypnotic patterns the area. The girl on the other side makes the save! Only 2 orcs out of 7 succeed.
Chris “I’m surrounded Fong!” being accosted by multiple foes including an archer.
Then a reach wpn too “Fong! There are more of them every second!”
The deficators start gathering their parts, but the chief next to Kaelen is slowest of all and she cathec him flat footed.
Ogrumat is crit’d!
Nelb keeps bellowing for her to take Gorsp’s place “Join me!!”
Chris to Holga "You have a lane to escape, get to Wilbur in the hall!
She moves out the door to Loriel and casts, putting one of the humans next to Kaelen asleep.
The rear 2 go into the back room and pile all the stuff to barracade the door.
The winged augment girl in the near corner backs further into it and gets low.
Kaelen stabs at Glup’s dangling weiser 24, dropping him to 0 blood.
Chris tries to bluff the foes into thinking a man whose arrow shot hit his own man was a turncoat but they don’t believe him.
Chris feels like he’s despirately battling half the room.
Ogrumat moves to flank a human with Alfwyn, now covering the winged augment, killing the scum.
Fong “ALl right geoff, you got these to” leaps upon the overturned table to assist Christofer.

(pic 2)

Roger joins the battle now too, stepping in as Ringwald steps aside, crits the human DEAD.
The disabled orc chief starts to crawl away.
One of the orcs goes around the table to Hester, forcing Fong to leap off but into flaking with Chris upon a dwarf foe.
Their archer screws up again killing the guy he hit before.
Chris “I told you, our trusted spy! haha!”
The winged augment girl gets out now into the hall, Wilbur and Holga embrace one another.
Kaelen steps into flank with Alfwyn vs the elf DEAD.
Ogrumat charges across the room, bullrushing the table over and onto Thul! Fong proceeds to crit the prone scum with both wpns DEAD!!

Suddenly beyond the doors the ogre “Hey, where’d you go!!”

From toward Priska and the others a high pitched scream and commotion.
Clyde charges across the room, taking on 2 deficators in front of Kaelen.
The halberd orc turns on his ‘treacherous archer’ and lops his hand off!!
Alfwyn takes a crit DOWN!!
Roger “Alfwyn!!” and kneels at her, as does Ringwald.

Perk, Pelo and Fordrid rush to the sound of commotion.

We finish off the room fast, taking the surviving 4 deficators, including the orc cpt, prisoner.
We make sure all others are double dead.
Alfwyn is not dead, but somethings wrong. Its like his muscles are moving underneath. Ogrumat chops it up quick and easy as a larvae like octopod squirms out of her mouth as she breaths her last brath.
He was doomed from before we rescued him.

Back at Priska et al:
Lydia and Gelmark run right into them “Did you see a bat! A bat?” No, we didn’t.
Cpt. Quenex is lying in a pool of his own blood, rather sharp obsidian dagger stuck in his side. Bess is missing.
The whole area went black, Quenex screamed. Ohlata light spelled it away, she was gone, Q was on the ground, and Bess was missing.
The wound is near fatal, but not.
Lothar is maddened at the attack, grabs him a weapon from the party room, with helmet, ready to die fighting.

The ogre is bashing his way through the doors in sequence.

3 clerical students show up while we are sorting things out.
They play innocent, but Hester arrests them. We go up and round them all up, bound or manacled.

The sub teachers are not here. They must have booked it upstairs at 32.

We ambush the Ogre, Christofer Roger and Geoffrey taking the lead here. Geoffreys crit bleeds him dead the next round.

silver ring of str plus 4
2 mixed: xhealing/growth; flying/invisibility
Silvered Chainmail, very light: elven chain
Mst flail (plus 1 att)
mst mace (plus 1 dam)
6x stone biter lt quarrels

Other loot goes to the town plus some that belongs to next mayor as beginning funds

Potion gas form
340gp of jewelry
scroll cure ser wnd
blackbear fur winter cloaksx4

A mirror in the subteachers’ room, one side black glass. We shatter that, bleeds like the other.

Of the deficators, 3 are orc raiders one is a human castle guard.
Arnis hired the orcs. Allowed hit a few outlying farms max, paid to raid the town but always stop short of actually getting in. Typically a few days after a shipment would leave the docks. This pay and equipment went to the orcs.
All this to show Arnis’s str at protecting the town. Hence re election. All brought in via the back door recently but for a few here and there.
With Bess missing and the hits Quenex took, The Band says they are now all in.

Up the steps to the castle first floor. Kitchen is empty. Looking out, the whole courtyard is full of tents, its like a military camp, orcs walking around all over. No tents though in the main entry field inside the gate. Bunch of orcs there though, of the raider orcs outside. The whole remaining band may be here.
We leave our rescued and prisoners downstairs. Wounded Quenex and armiger stay to guard as well as Will and the other 2 Adv10, and Een.

Front team will be Kaelen, Clyde, Perk and Pelo, Lydia, Chris, Fong, Priska, and Ohlata.
The rest including Lothar and Martin will be in a secondary team bringing up our rear.
Priska is sent to scout the nearby rooms while Lydia thinks to block off teh back door from orc invasion to our rear.
He heard some people in the entryhall. He did not check dining room 19 connecting to its rear. Kaelen with Clyde and Priska go to check that dining room, it had the hidden sliding panel going out the back wall of the keep. At the door she hears nothing at first but the silence itself gives her an uneasy feeling. She has Ohlata use her clairvoyance psionics to look inside. The dining room table has a floor length table cloth, 3 men with xbows hide behind the table. Kaelen’s instinct was spot on. The light is very low in there, 1 candle lit.
Kaelen enters shadowed. After giving her a minute to get into position, the door is to be opened and illusions to come into the room. Chris, Clyde and Fong will follow them in then leap atop the table to assist Kaelen. Priska will lead Perk/Pelo to the door to open it allowing them to fire into the entry chamber. Lothar will signal Geoffrey, Ogrumat, Beshkar, and Roger to enter through the hall door.
Kaelen kills 2 of them immediately, Chris the last. 2 guards stand at the other side of Priska’s door, halberd and spearman and our trap is sprung on them.

The mirror in the dining hall, the rim starts glowing red, its a standup like at the inn. A like mirror in the entry hall does the same.
Loriel “Someone is coming through!!”
Chris and Fong flip the dining room table over, Perk/Pelo taking cover.
In the entryroom Roger keeps to the far side, the others back to the near side of where we came in.
a mass of moan then zombies shamble out of the mirror; looks like none of them were pure human, all augment or the like, wearing peasant dress.
Martin’s staff becomes a scythe and he enters the fray. With the help of a Beshkar burning hands and Loriel sound burst we deal with them rather quick.

Dining Hall:
A troll squeezes through!!
Perk/Pelo fire, Chris/Fong charge its front, flanking with Kaelen at its rear; Lydia its flank flanking with Priska.
Suddenly Ohlata yells its an illusion, dispels it into its true form, a blood orc berserker. Only Kaelen’s backstab actually hit him! It goes for Chris and Fong but Chris and Kaelen’s flanking brings him low.

The mirrors we shatter to pieces.

Now into the temple, which is empty. The dagger that was on the altar is gone. Looking up the main stairwell, 2 orcs with spears guard the top. Askew’s room is empty.
Finally, the corner tower is also empty, the weapons formerly stored here are gone.
Our secondary unit has begun barricading the main door and other doors behind us.
Loriel’s soundburst stuns both of the stair guards.

Chris and Fong rush up and prombly kill them.
A magic mouth starts screaming “attack, we’re being invaded etc Help Me!”
Ohlata shuts it up promptly.
No zombies in the small secret room.
Quickly opening the balcony door now, revealing 9 orcs including the chief behind them. He’s big and he’s bad.
Chris “Fong, he’s all yours.” First team sans Kaelen and Clyde attack. She leads 2 team to the other side of the floor but they are empty.
Chris, Fong and Lydia charge left to center; Perk’s shot and Loriel’s sleep clears a lane to the chief for Lydia and Fong, both crit DEAD!! The remaining orcs counterattack. We clear them off without issue.
The orcs are bashing against the doors trying to get inside.
Then an alarm sounds from the wall as we notice skirmishing vs teh orcs around, and an angry horde of peasants from the town plus out bugbears and Restenford with the bug’s siege engines in tow!!
Chris “Let’s drop the dead orc chieftan over the edge. Now that they are the sieged, this may be demoralizing rather than anger inducing.” Down he goes to his men below.

We meet back in the antechamber. We hear the noise of talking and preparation upstairs concerning us. Sounds like a good number.
Geoffrey and Roger lead us up through the archway and into the fray. Arnis stands opposite the door on the far wall about 40’ away, the Inquisitor to her right. They are surrounded by the Norcross guard. Askew is just to their left adjacent; Falbor and Arnax, the teachers from below, are on their right; The 2 other ‘knights’ stand in from of those 2, their ‘squires’ in front of them.
Arnis “Welcome to the party” recommending we stay where we are or “your friend gets it” for Tellish on their far left stands with Muerto on his knees blade to his throat; Thomas the squire has has Bess with a spear to her back.
Still no Harper.
The tower entrance is on their left next to Tellish and Muerto.
They also want Chris and Wilfong.
Requests denied by Christofer.

Pelo is hit by an assassin bad at our rear, then kept at bladepoint!! It’s the bat guy!! Then Priska is grabbed by Lothar and stabs him in the back!! “Kaelen, better listen to him, don’t be a fool now.”
K “What’s the deal Lothar?”
He says taking all the damage he took for a lost cause tends to change a man. After he led the assault on Langbay and opened the gates he fled and joined the winning team here with Tellish “I still had hope for you, that you’d join the winning team too.”
“Well I’m hopeless.”
K “Well, only one thing to do” drinks a potion and vanishes.
Lothar digs the dagger into Priska a bit more “Better not be trying anything funny girl.”
Arnis “Allright fine, dispense with them all.”

As Geoffrey rushes to save Bess, Tellis becomes visible but ethereal, Muearto falls to the ground! He bashes the squire back through his knight and into Arnax.
Priska begins struggling with Lothar, Bess rushes for our line being unarmed; Beshkar eldritch darts Lothar; Perk hits Lothar for 20! Sangster tumbles behind Geoffrey for a massive backstab, but to his dismay its met by Geoffrey’s shield “Not today assassin.”
Pelo slips from Lothar’s grasp! He was stabbed by an obsidian dagger!
Lydia charges the Norcross guard line disarming him with her strike!
Falbor steps up to Geoffrey and inflicts wounds. Chris rushes to her side but is then held by Arnis’s magic!
The Inq begins to pray/cast, the room becomes lit entirely in deep red glow.

(2 pics)

Chris’s guard begins binding his hands “look your holiness we can burn him now!”; 2 of the guards charge to Roger, another engages Geoffrey as the fallen rushed knight stands; Lydia’s attacks her with a dagger; the last charges Ogrumat.
Clyde panics, looking and sniffing for Kaelen.
The fallen squire stands but stabs himself in doing so trying to get out of his knight’s way.
Arnax aims for Lydia striking her with a burning arrow of energy; Askew moves forward approaching Ogrumat as Fong slips into the room to assist Roger, unable to get to Chris yet, too far away.
Ohlata unleashes a mental attack on the bat guy, he winces; the gnome squire attacks Geoffrey.
Hester “Askewwwwww” and charges his nemesis crits!!
Lothar digs his dagger into Priska who falls to the ground!
Martin engages Lothar as Roger retaliates vs his foes and Loriel fails cause hideous laughter on the fake bat.
Muerto crawls away as the fighting becomes general. Perk falls into a black hole beside the fake bat as they try to grapple him!
The rooms soon gets a thick red, the light feels heavy, its gross.
With a crit again Hester slays Askew who is gushing blood.
The fake bat drops Pelo.
As Lothar stabs Beshkar, Martin cuts him viciously with his scythed staff.
Tellish has travelled to Loriel who luckily spots him just in time.
Muerto has crawled to one of the guard vs Chris, stands and crits him with Christofer’s dagger he pilfers DEAD!!
The fake bat turns, sees Perk climbing out, spits on him and turns into the bat, fleeing.
Chris breaks out of the hold just after Muerto’s kill.
The red air congeals into a half circle drop of blood in the center of the room like a pudding of blood.
Arnis flees for the tower door when kaelen strikes both from invisibility, having drank the gas form/invis combo potion. Arnis continues on into the tower.
Clyde brings Lothar down!! Ohlata is then in time to save Priska.
Lydia slays Arnex, her husband Falbor freaks out.
Squire Tom steps back, drops his sword and yields.
Hester then drops Sangster!
Roger rushes to follow Arnis as Martin assists Loriel who then freezes Tellish with hypnotic patterns.
Felbar brings Lydia and Hester down at once!!!
Chris now tumbles to him catching him off guard DEAD.
The Inquisitor turns to Kaelen and hits her with 4 con damage, she bleeds from orifices. Clyde hears her wail and with a full run gets to her side. The blood blob moves on top of Hester! He begins to bleed through all of his poors eyes ears and mouth as it is absorbing blood from him. It also sends a slam vs Ogrumat.
Bess says that to hurt it you need pure vinegar or wine and it will eject itself from its host. Poor it into his mouth.
Kaelen “Fong save Hester” knowing he and Chris have wine in their skins, he does.
Martin runs to help Roger now.
Pelo is saved in the rear as well, Perk runs for Roger.
Chris joins Fong pouring more wine in as Bess starts some magic upon them. The inquisitor then nails Kaelen with a crit touch spell, same one. Her blood is forming a pool on the floor, like it will form another blood pudding!
Finally the pudding oozes off him and for Bess.
Ohalta rushes into the room and throws something toward Bess.
Finally, Geoffrey finishes off the Inquisitor afer a few isses by Kaelen and Ogrumat DEAD.
Kaelen’s blood becomes normal now! Bess lures the pudding toward her, and into a portable hole just tossed to her!
She closes it up.

Meanwhile upstairs after Arnis, Roger chases her to the top of the tower. As the following men show up, Arnis with a flame blade is battling Roger. A stripped nude and well flogged Harper is up there! She disarms Roger, blade falling to the courtyard.
Harper joins into the fight, and Arnis is sent tumbling over the edge.

Looking out, the orcs have just broken through the keep door, but the castle is then breeched by the ram. The siege tower is unleashing bugbears onto the wall and the orcs are surely done for.

The battle is won. None from Norcross survived; Abraham is set free!
The assassin’s guild is destroyed.

Tellish, squire Thomas (who actually isn’t evil, they were teaching him to be sneaky but this blood stuff freaked him out totally).
Arnis’s plan was to kill her way to ruling Restenford and Norcross. But, it was the Path Bishop in this area who did hire the guild for the initial kill of Grellis.

Muerto says the Bat guy he thinks was the real Volcifar, the obsidian dagger killer who was after Wilfong. And he pilfered a Ring of Featherfall (12 charges) that he thinks she would have used to save herself.


Dust of sneezing/choking 1 use
scroll: sleep/shield/shock grasp (CL7)
scroll: shock grasp/web (CL 8)
2x bracers of def 3 (the Inq. set is inherently evil though, made of blood infused steal)
Cloak of Etherealness pg 31 (7 charges; up to 3/week; duration normal speed but up, down, through walls, etc; but chances of random ethereal encounters)
Long Sword of guarding: 3/day can activate and get plus 1 ac bonus; glows if someone w/in 20’ has ill intent
Evil Dagger plus 2, triple damage vs good clerics
Dagger plus 1, plus 3 vs demi humans
Ring with certain spell immunity upon it: see page 31 of adv

Our chunk of coinage/gems etc from treasury the town gives us:
10000gp worth!!

Holga says Arnis was looking for the Belushi.

With the bugbears, also with is Jeremiah, Snitch/Narc, and the berserk/armiger.

We rest up here a few days , then back to Restenford victorious.

The Band
Lydia (sword, chain, shield): owns general store; former adv w/ Grelmark, Bess and Beshkar; out of wedlock relations with Gelmark;
Beshkar (blue skimpy dress, running): arcanist; she runs boathouse; former adv with Lydia, Bess and Grelmark; from far away land;
Bess (holy symbol, eastern look): cleric of Zerbo; adv with Beshkar, Grelmark and Lydia; priest of Zerbo; borrow Osprum church on Fridays for service
Gelmark (blue sash): runs store with Lydia, probable out of wedlock relations; former adv with Lydia, Bess and Beshkar
Loriel performs at the show tonight.
Ohlata (headdress): human female, in adv group with Lydia et al; moneychanger; illusionist and some psionics
Priska (backpack rogue): town beggar; annoyance; he’s always skulking about somewhere; in Lydia et al group but apparently career didn’t pan out as well; they help him out some, especially in winter cold; no one knows where he lives
Quenex, Cpt (conquistador): in Lydia et al adv party; once a fighter, became very rel. as time went on; more or less a priest of Zerbo; borrow Osprum church on Fridays for service.


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