Immortal tales, the epic saga of Kaelen

Restenford; Evans' Returns

When we get to Restenford some Norcross slime are there causing trouble and arresting. We and our bugbears kill them to a man.
We find some Inquisitors using the throne room as a mocked up chapel, a Path priest presiding over the wedding of Andrella, Grellis’s daughter, and Qualten wearing a huge crimson hat and blood rugy set within.
He screams for our deaths but we make short work of them all.
We rescue Andrella and suddenly Qualten snaps out of it, shocked at where he is with no clue as to what happened.

After his mind flayer encounter, he became megalomaniacal disorder, his other is a powerful Path member! But, he hasn’t really slept in about 20 years; he’s always somebody.
The Baron’s wife we rescue from the dungeon, set for execution.
Qualten was the one who hired the assassins to begin with.
Arnis was going to wack them all around the wedding we figure.

We got here in the nick of time to stop the Inquisition from actually killing anyone.
Questioning Fairwynd about Belushi, she says its a Djinn them met years ago. The Baron and he became close friends, but it was a secret contract. If we find where he is hidden we can figure out how he can save Grellis.

A massive search of the castle is done, where Clyde ends up finding a secret vault in the basement. We find him gnawing on the lamp, the lone item inside. Doing so releases the Djinn appears shocked not to see the Baron.
We explain all that has happened.
Belushi says technically Clyde has 3 wishes. He asks if his first wish is to resurrect Grellis, which we confirm.

Grellis is raised and there is much rejoicing.
Clyde makes a 2nd wish on his own! To never die of old age so he can always be with Kaelen!!
A creature of simple means and desires, he has no interest in the 3rd wish. If we make it now, he can stay here with the Baron. Otherwise he has to travel with us until we do so.

Wilfong soon comes clean that his real name is Paul, not Wilfong his travelling alias. He gives the Amulet of ESP to us! He’s done with it, its a curse to know peoples’ thoughts! Reading the minds of creatures you don’t want to read the minds of is no fun for him.
“Of course, “Ill have to learn to cheat at cards properly now.” Now he has to figure out a new career.
Chris “Have you ever considered piracy?”
He hasn’t, but it interests him greatly. Wearing the amulet opens your mind up, so its kind of a double edged sword. When using, you’ll pick up minor background thoughts from people around it as well, unwillingly. While being used, you yourself are also more succeptible to mind reading, scrying and the like.

The Band decides the land needs heroes, so will be more active at least locally with the newly dubbed village of Farmen as their hub.

The 8 left of the Adv10 decide to wander for new adventure, so we say out goodbyes.
Abe et al are more or less in charge of Farmen now. They are not going to investigate the other adv they had originally planned, we will go there, they are striking out on their own.

Will and Holga are married.
About a year later we will hear through the grapevine that Falpir and Rellis end up shacking up together!!
Chris is staggered that neither he nor Fong got her, but clutzy Falpir ends up with her!?!? Ridiculous! He and Paul are both aghast.

The more Paul hears of Evans, the more it interests him. He will not go with us on our next local adventure, instead staying in Restenford for word of Cpt. Evans return.

Kaelen is given the title Countessa of Restenford. Not a land holding title but one with much honor and privileges in the area, and really anywhere we go the rules of noble etiquette apply to her. She is given official paper declaring such. She and her retinue are always welcome with her, and her privileges locally are granted to them with her around.

Grellis asks what we want of our prisoners. Kaelen says the only one skilled enough to be concerned of his escape on his own is Tellish. Imprison the others. Tellis must be executed post haste, so he is.
She has later plans for the other 3 in the future.

Otherwise, rest and relaxation for a few days.

Grellis says the local lords and such are falling into camps. Its a game of throne for the kingdom of Avery. Many are siding with the biggest and baddest in the are, Uther aka Norcross. His leading contender is Baron Bernherd, Lord Kellar. Norcross also has allies outside of Avery such as the new ruler of Langbay (this is the ancestor of Bluto from the Saga of the Bjornings). Kellar is no doubt militarily weaker if it should come to battle. Grellis falls fully with Kellar.
Kellar rules out of the town of Hillshire, to the south east of here in the middle of hill country. There is planned a meeting of Kellar and allies about 3 weeks from now, in Blackwood south of here. He wants us to accompany him if we can.

Near the end of the 3rd day, a sail is called on the horizon. It’s Evans with his new vessel the Stiletto!! Our own ship in tow. Many greetings and stories are swapped at the tavern all evening. He brought someone for us to help us along! An old man with a huge pouch; necklace with crystal; gem topped staff. He had to travel to the dutchy of Jeserik for this person’s gifts to find the secret cave.
“This is the crystal seer, who you have sought!”
Kaelen is quite happy about this. Apparently he wanted to be brought here to find Kaelen. He did not call her Kaelen but her alias, Elizabeth, but countessa. Which threw them off until they arrive here and found out that’s her title.
So, he the Crystal Seer and Kaelen discuss matters:
the quest she is on, he can tell her specifically where to go right now, “but you’d fail”. Your goal is what you shall accomplish on your way there. “Your father made that mistake, he sought me out for what he sought, and went there immediately. It did not end as he expected”. Yet he was not foolish, clues were left along his path for Kaelen to follow. However, this quest is not to be done straight through, this will take time, with many steps trails leading off of it before you return to it. “Be not hasty”. Her one rival for the long in the future is the same who was not the person who killed Kael, but was he who directly caused him to meet his end. The adversary’s true name, though it will do you no good for so few know his name, is Volcifar of the Obsidian Dagger. First he came for Paul at the tavern. Second at the castle. He has Kael’s cloak of the bat as Kaelen figured. He would have the sword too, but it is too particular in who wields it. A lesson Volcifar learned. In the village of Altinum north of Farmen, the one you already plan on going to, has the library. Set up long ago by the Masters, with a collection of knowledge more impressive to University libraries on the continent. When Kael went there he sought info on The Malakhaz, ancient nemesis to the Celestine. A set of books has the info. “Go there, talk to the village leaders” that is the starting point for Kaelen. The Seer will remain in Restenford until she returns, then see him again. Before you go further on your quest, part of your fate is to help with this struggle for the kingdom of Avery. He will be here as a guide for as long as destiny allows. Eventually we will have to go to the Crystal Shrine on the mainland, a hidden place. As far as the library problem we heard of, the librarian Master Dewey has gone missing. Virtually no one can understand his system of finding books. W/o him the library is impossible to navigate.

We use Christofer’s blade to Commune, asking about the Snitch/Narc’s club to narrow our search. It takes 5 questions to get us to the right place; but a particular Ogre guards it; it was once associated with the gnolls. Martin then leads him into the wild to find it.

Belushi is getting nervous we are not going to use the last wish. So, he takes Kaelen’s luckstone, fuses it to her short sword, making it a luck blade with 1 wish. Not to worry, the luckstone will still be good after the wish is gone. This will let us take the wish with us. Until then, the blade is magic though not plus, so bypasses armor DR!!

Kaelen wants to get Wolk to Norcross asap. He is at home in sewers we know. And if there is anything in a big city that leads everywhere, its the sewer! He can gather info, map the sewer entries, etc.
Martin the druid says check with the Restenford druid’s, since we are friends; with their help he can get him there safely so off he goes in a few days.
Kaelen visits them for an evening and they have no problem getting him there with Martin.

Beorn joins Evans’s crew with Paul. Evan has other business now so after we party for a couple days we say our goodbye’s, but we are always welcome friends.
Paul gives Chris the biggest bro hug ever, they already can’t wait to meet and party again!! Paul says the Golden Rapier was mostly continental, while the silver saber was on this island. Somewhere up here he has heard tell of a guy named Marco, a surviving Silver Saber of great note. Find him and he’ll show you the initiate training if Chris wishes. You can then pass that knowledge on to others.

Off to Altunum we go.


Kaelen’s ‘finish them off years from now’ list:
Glami (must find him in the world)
Philmar (prison)
Gilmi (prison)


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